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  • How do I bring Thread + Paw to my child's school?
    Thread + Paw is an "on-the-go" art studio that brings the crafty goodness to you! We offer after school programs for ages 9-18 on site at your school for 2 hours right after dismissal. All equipment and materials included with workshop enrollment! Interested in adding our workshop to your school's after care program? Contact us below!
  • Who can pick up my child from Thread + Paw after school?
    We ask that only those adults listed on the registration form will be allowed to remove your child from after school workshops. In the unusual situation where the designated person is unable to pick up your child, we must have advanced written notification from you to accept a subsitute. Anyone picking up your child (including yourself) must be prepared to present identification daily. Pleaes note that you MUST sign your child out with the staff member on duty.
  • What should my child do with their personal belongings after school?
    Children are welcome to bring their back packs and items from class that will go home with them at the end of the day. We ask that any IPADS, cell phones, cameras, CD players, game electronics, valuables, large amounts of money, etc. stay packed away securely. Staff will not be responsible for any lost/damaged/stole property.
  • How is discplined handled in after school workshops?
    All discipline infractions will be handled according to the Pinellas County Schools' Student Code of Conduct. Please see staff member on duty if you would like a copy of this manual. Discipline infractions may result in possilbe expulsion from the workshop. Please review the following infractions with your child: stealing, contunial profanity, violent behavior, continued misbehavior and bullying.


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